Personal Trainer
& Dietictian

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Personal Trainer


Analysis of your current fitness level and determination of your fitness goals.

We will discuss pros and cons of various fitness programs to find one that best suites your lifestyle and your personal goals.

We will assess your current fitness levels by taking necessary vitals and measurements.

Dietician consultaion


It’s the first step in a journey to a happier you.

We will analyze your current nutritional habits, set up your goals, and create a personalized dietary plan that will allow you to get where you want to be.

We will discuss pros and cons of various diets, as well as their impact on your body and mood. We will also take your vitals to determine your current fitness level.

Two-in-one offer


Get your dietitian and fitness consultation in this special offer and save.

Personal training plan set up


We will put together a set of experiences and fitness routines that will allow you to reach your goals.

Diet set up


We will put together a diet plan based on your lifestyle, needs and expectations to help you reach your goals.

Two-in-one special


Get your Diet set up and Personal training plan set up special and save.

You only have one body

So it’s essential to take care of it! What better time to do it than today!

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