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All treatments and massages are performed in the salons

Healthy Massages


Classic Partial Massage

60min 180zł

Our most popular massage. Depending on the form and intensity it can be curative, relaxing or stimulating. It helps fight against pain, improves skin nutrition, releases muscle tension, activates blood and lymph flow, accelerates muscle relaxation and relaxes the mind.
This is a partial massage of a selected body part, such as the back or legs.
The duration of the treatment consists of preparation, the massage and a short relaxation period afterwards.

Sports Massage

60min 180zł

Sports massage is the perfect choice for the physically active adults looking for a faster post-work out recovery. It is also a perfect form of “passive warm-up” before an intense training session.
This massage increases the flexibility of joints and muscles and allows them to work more efficiently.
If performed post- work out, it restores the acid-base balance in your muscles, speeding up the elimination of hydrogen ions [H +] and lactate [La-] in them, resulting in a faster regeneration for the athlete.

Healing massage

60min 180zł

MTherapeutic massage mixes techniques of classic massage and manual therapy. It increases blood flow to the massaged areas and warms up surrounding tissues, all while alleviating mental tension to provide you with a feeling of relief and deep relaxation. It is a great choice for those looking for spinal pain relief, and those who need help with joints and muscles pains or migraine headaches.

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All services are cash only. We do not accept card payments.

Sensual Massages


Double Pleasure Massage - Massage for couples

60min 400zł

Men's edition - We invite Couples W + M, M + M, W + W for massages performed by one or two masseurs at the same time. New DOUBLE PLEASURE MASSAGE "(double pleasure from a massage made by one or two masseurs for a couple). During the massage session you will both lie next to each other, and the masseur will massage you with their hands and body (it can also be a massage performed by two masseurs). Take an active part in the massage ceremony and enjoy the observation of massaging your other half- we invite couples for an adventure to Paradise. Leave everyday life behind the door and let us take you to the world of wonderful relaxation. With candlelight setting and extraordinary pleasure, enjoy the touch of warm hands and the hot body of the masseurs.

Duo Nuru Massage

90min 400zł

We are a leader in spoiling our clients, as many of you already know. We are pleased to offer you another adventure in a unique and promotional price !!! We have decided to modify our famouse Wadu Nuru massage, taking into consideration all of your suggestions. Let yourself be surprised by the new concept of the massage! "DUO NURU" is our new proposal, a session performed not by one but two masseurs, during which each of them, in turn, will perform a massage, presenting their unique technique. Delightful caresses of the senses and body will be crowned with an unforgettable experience when masseurs will perform either Duo-Lingam or Duo-Yoni together. Eden is a paradise and we are always working on perfecting it especially for you. A warm welcome to all lovers of touch, tenderness and masculine bodies- discover the adventure of your life. We recommend this massage for one or two people.

Tri Nuru

180min 400zł

We would not be ourselves if we did not offer you something totally new and original. It will be a unique, refined session in every detail. In fulfilling fantasies and surprises for our customers, we are unparalleled masters. We are inviting you to a one of a kind, Tri Nuru massage. This is a new form of relaxation that will be provided by 3 handsome masseurs. The choice is yours! During the session, each of them, in turn, will present their original techniques, and at the end you will experience an amazing Tri-Lingam or Tri- Joni massage. We cordially invite lovers of touch, tenderness and masculine bodies to discover the adventure of their life. Three hot guys focused only on You and Your pleasure. Does that not work the imagination now? We invite you for a massage at an exceptional promotional price !!! We guarantee that you will not find a similar offer anywhere else. Call and book three massage therapists today. Three gates of paradise are waiting for you- EDEN is your new adventure, and we created it only for you. The offered service is available on days when there are a minimum of three masseres on the schedule - please see the schedule page for details.

Oriental Massage

60min 230zł / 90min 270zł / 120min 330zł

Relaxing (oriental) massage is an effective way to alleviate neuromuscular tension for those living in constant rush and under high stress. It allows for a full regeneration after prolonged mental or physical exertion and is a proven remedy for insomnia caused by stress factors and negative emotions. Every oriental massage is finished perfectly with a Lingam massage.

Wa-Du Nuru Massage

60min 230zł / 90min 270zł / 120min 330zł

Wadu Nuru Massage is based on the Nuru massage techniques. As it lasts longer than the classic Nuru massage, it allows for even deeper relaxation and even more intense sensations, leading to a greater self-discovery. The massage is enriched with a Lingam massage- the perfect cherry on top. As your body and soul become one, you can re-discover yourself and exercise control over your own physique, following your very own path to vitality.

Tantric Massage

60min 230zł / 90min 270zł / 120min 330zł

Our Tantric massage (sometimes called “love yoga”) is a royal path to your personal growth and fuller awareness of life. It’s an experience that you can enjoy both by yourself as well as with your significant other.
You will experience reality at a level you have never dreamed of before. All of your senses will open up, so you can make the most out of each and every moment of life. You will recover your sense of closeness and tenderness, while experiencing strength and awareness in order to gain the strength you need to follow your heart’s desires.

SUPER Wa-Du Nuru Massage

60min 250zł / 90min 300zł / 120min 350zł

Super Wadu Nuru massage will take you to the next level of self-awareness. All your desires will be met during the massage, as it is rich with a variety of techniques and completed with a Lingam massage. It’s an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.
The rebirth of energy you will be experiencing is like a Lotus flower- blooming in its environment. Special gel used during the massage will further increase your sensations.

Body Ice Massage

60min 250zł / 90min 300zł / 120min 350zł

Dear guests, prepare for brand new experiences with our “BODY ICE MASSAGE”. It’s the perfect refreshment on hot summer days. Fresh scents of massage oil and gel together with cubes of ice make for a mind-blowing experience. It’s an exotic mixture of warmth, cold and the touch of masseuse’s body. Highly recommended by the “EDEN TEAM VIP”.

Massage performed by two massesuses

60min 300zł / 90min 350zł / 120min 400zł

Wa-Du Nuru massage with two masseuses is a synchronized massage of two naked bodies, just like the classin Wa-Du Nuru massage is, but with an increased intensity of the experience.

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All services are cash only. We do not accept card payments.

Spa Treatments + Sensory Massages


Tales of the Sea

90min 300zł

We apply a gentle sea salt body scrub to removes dead cells and impurities from the surface of the skin. This also cleans the pores, improves circulation and accelerates regeneration fresh soft skin, leaving your body feeling fresh and new.

Citrus Power Yuzu

90min 300zł

This treatment cleanses, firms and stimulates the senses. Grapefruits, lemons, oranges and other specially selected vitamins and minerals are used to cleanse. The combination we use creates an anti-aging, nourishing and regenerating agent. In addition, the treatment strengthens the blood vessels, improves circulation, strengthens and firms the skin.

Coffee Impressions

90min 300zł

Caffeine has been scientifically shown to help in the fight against excessive fat. It contains slimming, anti-cellulite properties, helps remove toxins and delays the aging process of the skin. In addition, the aromatic scent of coffee improves the mood, stimulating and refreshing the body and senses.

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All services are cash only. We do not accept card payments.

The impact of massage

Massage comes from India and China and is one of the oldest healing techniques known to men as it can be dated all the way back to 3000 years b.c. It benefits your entire body, from your skin, muscles and tendons, all the way to your central nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Healing Properties

Massage is a know tool in prevention of many medical condition, as well as a great mood booster and sport performance enhancer. To fully take advantage of the many benefits of massage, it’s essential to be consistent and schedule your sessions regularly.


In our culture, massage has long been appreciated by pro-athelets and those who needed post injury recovery, but only recently has the massage gained popularity outside of the medical purposes as we became more aware of our bodies and began to take a better care of ourselves. More and more people take advantage of massage now simply for the pleasure of it, or as a preventative measure.

Massage wakes up skin, muscles and your cardiovascular system, while simultaneously impacting central nervous system in a positive way. It reduces the negative impact of stress and negativity on your body, elevates the tension stored in muscles, contributes to the proper heart rhythm and blood pressure, and also helps with insomnia.

Beauty and healthy look

Properly performed massage increases elasticity of skin and muscles. It also impacts the local tissues resulting in temporary pink marks on the skin, which demonstrates the cardiovascular benefits of it- as more blood is transported to massaged areas, more oxygen is delivered to those cells resulting in a better nutritioned muscles and tissues.

Massage also supports skin’s regeneration, strengthens its elasticity and prevents creation of wrinkles.

One of the most commonly performed massages in the “beauty category" is a sliming massage, as it is focused on reshaping your body and supporting weightloss. The intensity of this treatment supports removal of fat cells from your body, which results in noticeable improvement in body's appearance, making it a great supplement to any weight loss program.